01. A Japanese wedding can be a fairly [elaborate] ceremony involving a number of different costume changes.
02. We made a really [elaborate] five-course dinner for my grandfather's 100th birthday.
03. The student gave his teacher an [elaborate] excuse about his dog eating his homework, but she didn't believe it.
04. The general did not [elaborate] on his strategy, saying only that we would hear the details when necessary.
05. The Empress herself will host the [elaborate] celebrations being planned to mark the 50th anniversary of our nation's independence.
06. Many of the women at the party had very [elaborate] hairdos, complete with feathers, flowers and multi-colored beads and braids.
07. Singer Elton John was known for the [elaborate] costumes he wore during his performances.
08. The plan [elaborated] by the governor's office resulted in a great deal of criticism in the press.
09. The Etruscans practiced [elaborate] burials which included bronze, iron, and ivory objects.
10. The aborigines of Australia had an [elaborate] ritual life, supported by the world's simplest known material technologies.
11. The actress was [elaborately] dressed in a silk and fur dress for the Academy Awards ceremony.
12. The portraits of Hans Holbein show a taste for [elaborately] detailed surface textures and richly colorful patterns.
13. Joseph Priestly once observed that the more [elaborate] our means of communication, the less we actually communicate.
14. The transfer of Hong Kong from Great Britain to China was marked by an [elaborate] ceremony.
15. Petra, in Jordan, was a city of [elaborate] buildings carved out of stone, beginning about the fourth century B.C.
16. Wedding ceremonies are among the most [elaborate] and colorful occasions in Indonesian culture.
17. With no money to buy [elaborate] equipment, many children in Nepal simply play with whatever they can find.
18. Many towns in Denmark have an [elaborate] system of bicycle paths, some with their own traffic lights and road signs.
19. Plato and Aristotle believed that [elaborate] instrumental music was incompatible with the ideal state.
20. The simple, plain style of English church music in the early 1500s was a drastic change from the massive, very [elaborate] Catholic music of the time.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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